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Triton Sports Buys KD Sports Assets
Triton Sport Press Release

Triton Sports, home of DoubleUP Wakeboards, Hardline Ropes and Handles, and Wet Technologies, is proud to announce that it has recently purchased the assets of KD Watersports. After months of negotiations and thousands of rumors, the purchase has finally come to fruition, as the brand names; KD, Kidder, and Blindside have all become part of the Triton family. This will obviously strengthen the collective group, by establishing Triton as a major manufacturing company, in which it will have full control over production and R&D. Additionally, Triton will bring financial strength and stability, along with a strong infrastructure to the 3 brands under KD Watersports. Triton has quickly become a major force in the Waterski/Wakeboard industry, and will now have the ability to offer a broad product range including top of the line skis, two distinct lines of wakeboards, ropes & handles, and every type of watersport accessory. Triton can now truly be called a one stop shop.

Over the next month, Triton will relocate the administrative functions of KD, down to itís brand new, state of the art facility in Reno. The Manufacturing plant will remain in Washington, and will retain all of the key employees that have built the KD reputation as the premier quality manufacturer in the industry. With all of the key players from KD Watersports, combined with the DoubleUP/Hardline/Wet Tech group, Triton is looking forward to a very successful future. With the financial strength Tom Sexton has brought to the group, along with a wide range of quality products, great customer service, and the best manufacturing in the industry, Triton is in a position to give the retailer, as well as the consumer, the best possible products and service, at a great price.

Look for more announcements in the coming weeks regarding the DoubleUP wakeboard team, the Blindside wakeboard team, and the KD Waterski team.

Tim Runyard
General Manager
Triton Sports

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