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The Truth... 6/29/06
Ranked #1 in their league…team LF makes a push for the championship…

Joining the ranks of washed up jocks, bitchin’ Cameros, and goatees the Encinitas softball season is in full swing. Coach Wallace and his LF Squad are off to a great start stepping up their game for a record of 2-1. They picked up a couple heavy hitters in the draft including Alliance’s own Corey Marotta and William Lawther. We’ll keep you updated with game highlights as the season progresses. Next week LF takes on The Hood…will they pull off the big “W”?

Guess who and win…

The month of June is almost past us and it’s been full of LF birthdays …Phillip Soven and Mike Ennen have already celebrated their birthdays this month and someone super special is celebrating a birthday today.

I’m pretty sure there’s going to be cake, ice cream and maybe even a pony. Your job is to tell us what LF pro rider is throwing a birthday party (that we haven’t been invited to yet by the way) today. Fill out entry to and send to

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Favorite LF Rider:
LF Pro Rider Birthday on June 29th:

Playing games with the wake…So Cal is so hot right now…

California’s Lake Elsinore channel was scorching this past weekend…must have been the abundance of really, really, ridiculously good looking wakeboarders on hand or maybe the heated competition brought on by the unique team format. Team Shane Bonifay brought home the bronze, while Melissa Marquardt earned the individual silver in Pro Women’s and Tino snagged individual silver in the Pro Men’s division. Be sure to watch for junior men’s silver medalist Jimmy LaRiche making a charge onto the scene.


LF wakeskater Silas Thurman and his buddy Collin Wright invited all their friends to Koppert Lake last weekend for a little wakeskating fun.

The theme was all about riders hanging and having a good time while pushing wakeskating. Hippodrome organizer Silas commented, “The contest was rad! All the guys who showed up were super stoked with everything.

I got slammed pretty hard on Thursday in the pool so I didn't ride the boat deal on Sat… that was a bummer, but I made it to the finals in the winch event on Sunday. The weekend was super fun…I can’t wait until next year!” LF pro wakeskater Kyle Walton rocked the 80’s ski suit combined with a helmet… he looked like he was ready to jump out of a plane…He instead jumped out of a pool and kick-flipped the gap. When all was said and done, Kyle rode well enough to take 1st in the Winch, and 2nd in the boat. Check out Alliance’s website, , which features plenty of pics from the event. They will also bring you more coverage this fall on FUEL TV with their new batch of PULL episodes.

Innuendo…you should see this film, just a suggestion…

Alliance Visual Experiences’ third release "Innuendo" showcases the cross country road trip of five of the best riders in the world. LF’s Ben Greenwood, and Aaron Reed, along with a few other pro’s tear across the southern edge of the United States in search of new riding spots, new friends, and a new perspective on their riding. Ride along with them this summer and experience the diversity of this classic road trip.
Produced by Keith Kipp and Charles Bergquist* *this blockbuster is due to release July 4th to view the trailer go to:

LF takes over the ATL…

Hotlanta… The Dirty Dirty… What ever you want to call it, this past weekend in Atlanta, GA the weather was hot and the riding was dirty at the 4th Liquid Force Slide Show presented by Monster Energy. The event started Friday evening at 7:00 pm in the Ambush Boarding Co. parking lot with a special Slide Show for an upcoming show on MTV2. MTV2 had an entire entourage on hand to film and interview the LF riders at the event. Shawn Watson, Aaron Reed, Kevin Henshaw, Gregg Necrason, Keith Lyman, Devin Rogers, and Collin Harrington put on their best TV faces and road for the cameras of MTV2. On Saturday the action really heated up as 11 locals squared off to try to win the ATL Slide Show title. In the end, it was Brian Reeder taking the title and moving on to the finals in Houston.

For a complete recap of the Minneapolis and Atlanta events, or any other past events, check out and check out the Slide Show.

In upcoming Slide Show news…Salt Lake City, UT set to host the 5th stop on the LF Slide Show Tour…

The parking lot of Marine Products will transform into a wakeboarder’s dream playground on July 1st . The crew is building pools and rails that will defy the laws of gravity and push Shane Bonifay, Aaron Reed, Keith Lyman, Silas Thurman, and Gregg Necrason to put a show for the hungry fans. Salt Lake City is ready for this party so be sure to get there by 1:00 pm. to hang with the pros and warm up for a huge night of Slide Show shredding starting at 4:00pm. Check out for more details.

Good Morning America joins LF at Lake Powell

This is a must see… Good Morning America episode at Travel (Be sure to click on the story labeled "A Man-Made Treasure". You can do so by using the arrows associated with More Top Stories). Just to give you a quick overview…this ground breaking piece was shot at Lake Powell during our catalog and BROstock adventures. Mike Ennen, Amber Wing, Ben Greenwood, Don Wallace and Jason Mendes headed out to a top secret location to meet with the Good Morning America crew with no idea what to except. Check out the clip to see “Anchor Man” meets “Saturday Night Live” skit. Ranger Rick is so darn funny you’d swear he’s on the cast of SNL. Special thanks to the people of Lake Powell and Good Morning America for the opportunity to bring wakeboarding to unsuspecting TV sets across the nation.

Liquid Tunes makes Stuff magazine

One look at the cover of this month’s Stuff Magazine and first thing that comes to mind is Liquid Tunes. Yeah that’s what came to our minds…that lovely lady covered in water has that look on her face because she is rocking out to a lightweight waterproof Liquid Tunes mp3 player. Actually pretty cool to see Liquid Tunes featured in such a large publication. Maybe we can get a few Stuff girls to do a photo shot. All we need is water and a Liquid Tunes player…that’s it.

Summer rocks…LF keeps you groovin’ with an exclusive inside look at brand new rider playlists from our ladies, Melissa, Amber, and Stef… Playlist While your there check out the video, specs., riders testimonials, news and find an authorized dealer to purchase the hottest waterproof player around…Liquid Tunes.

Free boat…just call Stef Tor

The fun never ends with this Maven beauty…the work doesn’t seem to end either. She recently signed a deal with Epic boats making her the first female on their team…if you’re ever in Florida and want to ride be sure to give Stef a call at (407) 555-STOR (right like we’re going to give you her number). Congrats Stef.

To view pictures of the Truth check out the photo section. The Truth

For more pictures of Hotlanta check out the photo section. Hotlanta

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