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We just received the first batch of "In Its Travels" DVDs on Friday. I took a copy home to watch and was incredibly impressed. This is an excellent wakeskate movie and very well could turn out to be the best wakeskate movie of the year. The entire movie is slammin', it runs about 45 minutes or so. It has a bunch of the big name wakeskaters you would expect, but I was just as stoked on the sections of all the guys you don't know as well. My favorite sections: the tribute to Jim Taylor (father of Nick Taylor who passed away this past January), the Kyle Hymas section, Kyle Walton's section, chapter 10, the Nick Taylor vs. Reed Hansen Section, and the bonus section. There is a 20 minute bonus footage segment on the DVD which I turned on just to browse through. I ended up getting sucked in and watching all 20 minutes and being thoroughly entertained the entire time.

"In Its Travels" is a progressive wakeskate video. Riders Reed Hansen, Aron Gore, Clint Tompinks, Steve Schoenhals, Silas Thurman, Kyle Hymas, Justin Scott, Phillip Basino, Kyle Walton, Nick Taylor, George Daniels, and many more lay down groundbreaking new tricks and up the level of wakeskating.

We 100% whole-heartedly endorse this movie. If you are a wakeskating fan, you absolutely must own this DVD! We already sold out of every DVD we got in on Friday. More DVDs arriving here tomorrow.

Click here to watch the teaser:

I will tell you right now though, the teaser does not even come close to showing you how good the movie really is. If you like the teaser, then you are going to pee your pants when you see the movie.

In other news... If you are going to be anywhere in the Northeast the first week of June, then you must attend the New Jersey East West Wakefest.

This just in from the desk of Alex Kinon:
Hey! Pop quiz...which state is The Garden State? That's right! New Jersey! Some call it The Garden State, others call it The Garbage State, but we in New Jersey simply call it home. And despite being the country's third smallest state, New Jersey is about to host a HUGE wakeboarding gathering! Three years in the making, "The East-West Jersey Wakefest" is going to happen on Saturday June 3, 2006 in Bordentown, NJ, right on The Delaware River. Wakeheads from all over are converging in historic Bordentown for what could be the biggest wakeboarding event New Jersey has ever seen. Thinking about following in The Father of Our Country's footsteps by coming to New Jersey on June 3rd for your own crossing of The Delaware? Then you should email Alex at for all the toxic details. Who knows? You may even run into Tony Soprano or Paulie Walnuts while in New Jersey. Yo, fugeddabowdit!

New Jersey Wakefest

Saturday June 3, 2006 Bordentown, New Jersey

10:00am ‘til everyone’s had enough!

Bring your boat, bring your crew, or just hang out on shore!

This isn’t a contest, just a day of relaxed wakeboarding and schmoozing.

Take the NJ Turnpike south to exit 7A and get onto I-195 west.

Take I-195 west to I-295 south towards Camden.

Take I-295 south to exit 57 and get on route 130 north

Take 130 north and make at right at the very first light, Farnsworth Ave.

Take Farnsworth to the first stop sign and make a left on Park Street.

Go down little hill and you’re there!

For more information/directions email

And that's all the news for today. (Asterisk 2 and Refraction DVDs coming soon!)

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