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Jake Bird flies “The Truth”

Our monthly winner and loyal a supporter of “The Truth” Jake Bird is from Hot Springs AR. Jake congratulations and thanks for rocking the Substance and Sphynx setup. One question…didn’t you say your favorite rider was Shane Bonifay? Have you heard he has his own pro-model board and boots? Check them out at your local dealer Meanwhile enjoy a care package courtesy of Liquid Force. Thanks again for the continued support.

LF joins forces with The Wakeboard Camp

Kyle Schmidt/Head Coach, WakeBoarding Magazine’s Instructional Editor, and LF pro rider enlightens us, “The Wakeboard Camp has built a reputation for being the world’s best location for wakeboard instruction. It only makes sense to have the worlds best wakeboarding equipment available to the riders so they can ride and progress as easily as possible. All the riders and coaches that work or hang at the camp ride for Liquid Force so it will be nice to actually put students on product that we believe in and represent. Ben Greenwood, Aaron Reed, and I all have boards and product stamped with our seal of approval so it will be nice to coach riders on boards and gear that we have put our hard work and hearts into. It’s going to be a great relationship”. If you’ve ever thought about becoming a better wakeboarder go to While you’re there check out The Book, an instructional video made just for you. In The Book, The Wakeboard Camp brings its prestigious reputation of having the most knowledgeable staff, straight to your DVD player.

Black Top Oasis…Unbelievable

One person actually described it as the 909 theory…California Correct Craft is located in the heart of the 909, commonly known for black socks, tattoos, spiky hair, and massive lifted trucks. How does this relate at all to the Black Top Oasis? The pioneer of parking lot rail jams complimented the 909 perfectly with an aggressively unique, larger than life event, pushing the limits of what people thought was possible. LF’s own, Keith Lyman escaped certain death and clinched the title with a switch 270 on and 90 out on the two-story A-Frame (his black socks and spiky hair may have helped). Watson took third laying down his patented smooth style with some serious lines. Other highlights included Mike Ennen shredding the rail with his BROstock Foam shaka on hand… check for footage in upcoming LF Films videos. Look for coverage on the event at and Also, be sure to check out for info on when the Black Top Oasis feature will be airing.

Phil’s Board Up in Miami

Mr. Soven captured another title at the 1st annual Board Up Miami Pro-Am taking home $10,000, not a bad way to start out the season. Fellow LF rider and rocker Jimmie LaRiche took home the Jr. Men’s title. The event also included a music festival featuring DJ Irie, Atomic Tangerine, The Linx, The Spam AllStars and DJ Jazzy Jeff, that’s right Jazzy Jeff is still kicking the funky beats.

Cable Stock Rocks Texas Ski Ranch Style-May 19-21st

Take a dash of Spring Break, throw in a couple of high speed Motocross races, a dash of Woodstock and a little X-Games for flavor, drop it in the middle of Texas and you have all the right ingredients for Cable Stock. Cable Stock 06, Texas Ski Ranch's celebration of professional wakeboarding, sunbathing and live music, is celebrating its 4th anniversary with two national motocross qualifiers, a killer skate competition and a winch pulled rail event. TSR is bringing all this insanity together at Cablestock 2006. LF Riders, Keith Lyman, Tino Santori, and local LF talent such as Richie McKee and Joey Bradley will be on site all weekend. Be sure to check out this official Liquid Force test center and join in on the fun.

Kansas City Slide Show-May 20th-21st

Just when we thought Slide Show couldn’t get any better…we give you Mid America’s saving grace, Kansas City Watersports. This amazing venue has all the key elements for a successful event combined with the world’s top riders Shawn Watson, Shane Bonifay, Kevin Henshaw, Aaron Reed, Mike Ennen, Gregg Necrason, Melissa Marquardt, Lauren Loe, LF team manager Aaron Grace and the mc skills of Mr. Don Wallace. The Slide Show will take place at the 810 Zone Sports Bar on Saturday, and the event will move to KCW for a fun day of riding on Sunday. As with all Slide Show events, local riders will be competing on Saturday for their chance to join Eddie Valdez (So Cal winner) and future winners in Houston, TX for the final event of the season and there chance to claim the National Slide Show Championship. Visit the and for details, directions, and event schedule. Be there or be square…

Long Horn Rail Jam-May 19 in Austin TX

Some of the top wakeboarders and wakeskaters in the world will be descending on downtown Austin, May 19, to participate in the Longhorn Rail Jam - stop #2 of the 2006 Texas Wakeboard Tour - presented by Malibu Boats. The Longhorn Rail Jam is FREE to the public and will take place on Friday night, May 19th on Austin’s legendary party strip – 6th Street. (At Trinity). The complete details are at with an interactive web site complete with a video of the rail jam, directions to the site, and articles about previous very successful events, Board Shorts, Bulls and Bikinis. Proof once again… Don’t mess with Texas. LF Team riders Tino Santori, Keith Lyman and Aaron Reed will be taking their turns trying to claim the Rail Jam championship.

The Bro’s are stocking up…June 9-11th

Bring your boats, your gear, and your Bro's, and Brah’s and get ready for 3 days of magic!

The LF Crew, including Shawn Watson, Kevin Henshaw, Keith Lyman, Aaron Reed, Melissa Marquardt, and plenty more invite you to spend the weekend with them at the world's biggest and best lake! For more info and updated details about the event (exact location, etc...), please check out, or To reserve your houseboat at a special price offered by LF and Alliance, go to

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