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Louisiana Spring Fling Update
Wow..the buzz is really stirring about LSF now. It sounds like almost every state in the union will be represented at LSF 2001!

Here are a few last minute notes..

Many of you have asked about the contest. Please be at the Marina at 2 O'clock for registration for the contest. Its a first come first serve situation, and I will be only taking about 10 riders or so. Pro or Outlaw class riders only!

Immediately following the contest, we will have the "Super Stereo" contest right in front of the Marina. This is your chance to show off all the hard work you put into your boat and its sound system. (This is contest is for more or less
bragging rights!).

About 30 minutes to an hour after the Super Stereo Contest (sometime around 6 o'clock hopefully), we will have the annual LSF raffle drawing. Our sponsors have been very generous to us this year and we appreciate all they have done to help LSF 2001 get back on the water! Raffle tickets will be available where the T-shirts are being sold.

The t-shirts have been finalized and ready to print. The came out really well again this year thanks to my bro, Joe Pearson at Action Shirts in CA! Thanks Joe! T-shirts will be available at the Marina. And I know many of you have been e-mailing me to pre order your LSF shirt since you cannot make the trip...I will get back to you soon. For those of you that still want to pre order your LSF shirt (Long or Short sleeve), please e-mail me ASAP. There are a limited
number of shirts.

Also, where we will be selling T-shirts, there will be another wakeboard (just like last year) available for you to sign. I want to try to get everyone that attends LSF to sign this board as a memory for me to look back on!

Thursday Night, yes, there will be a Pre-Party at Mickee's. On Friday Night, we will try to have something cooking at the Marina, and then probably an after party at Mickee's. Remember, on Saturday Night, there is the annual LSF Party
at Mickee's Billiards and Ballgames. We will have the premier of the new Liquid Force Video "Tomorrow", and also have the raffle for the new Liquid Force Evolve Series Board!

Many of you have also been asking about Water Levels. The local LSF crew has been out on the River almost daily now for 4 weeks and the water gets better with each day. All I can really say is that please STAY ON THE RIVER! There are bayous and creeks that run off of our river, and they are flooded a little still. They may look safe, but they are most likely filled with stumps. As long as you stay on the river (indicitated by the channel markers) you will be
fine! The water has been wonderful and it keeps getting warmer.

There are a few houseboats parked on the river, and as some of you know from last year, they get a little upset over the big wakes. Please respect these people and stay no the opposite side of the river away from their house boats if
possible. Also, when you go south out of Moon Lake onto the river, you will eventually come into Monroe. There is a strip of house boats lining both sides of the river there. This is a NO WAKE zone. Wildlife and Fisheries will come
out and inform you of this personally. So please respect the houseboats on the river.

Also, please remember that Moon Lake will be a NO WAKE ZONE once again this year!

Dont forget to smile because you never know where Jocko will be pointing his camera. Remember, at LSF, you are not only watching WAKEtv, but WAKEtv is watching you!

Also, someone came up with the great idea about having a moment of silence for Cory Kraut at the various events across the country. I would like to implement this idea on Sunday at Noon at the Marina. If you are in a boat, please float
up to the front of the marina, and if you are on foot, please walk down to the front of the marina. Beginning at noon, we will have a few minutes of silence for Cordell, which was one of our LSF attendees last year. You are more than
welcome to express your thoughts and love for Cory in any way you feel that is right. But lets take a few minutes of silence starting at Noon for our following bro.

I am really looking forward to LSF this year! Thanks to all of our sponsors once again..

Moon Lake Marina Resort
MC Boats of Arkansas
Ambush Boarding Company
Krooked Minds Wakeboard Team
Y2Kp Board Gear
Munson Inboard and Ski Watersports
See Dick Ride Wakeboards
Lakeside Watersports
Glass and Powder Boardshop
Newt Juice
Carp Suckers Wakeboard Team
Outfitters, LTD.
Ichor Intelligence Company Wakeboard Accessories
White Trash Wakeboard Team
BA Boards
Hyperlite Boards
Liquid Force Boards
Reef Brazil
No Flex Inc. Binding Boltz
Rainbow Fin Company
Utopia Optics
Dregs Skateboards
WakeBoarding Magazine
Alliance Magazine
Supra Boats
Mastercraft Boats
Waterski Boats of Dallas
Mickee's Billiards and Ballgames
Texas Ski Ranch
Fly High
Yellow7 Design

And LSF is also working in conjunction with the Oklahoma Wakeboard Association and with the 360 Wakeboard Club/Waketoberfest.

Also a special thanks out to the LSF T-shirt producer, Joe Pearson at Action Shirts.

Please support the people that support you!

I will see most of you next week!

Marty McFly

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