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2006 Cable Wakeboard Nationals
The 2006 Cable Nationals will be held next Saturday, April 29th at Ski Rixen in Quiet Waters Park, Deerfield Beach, FL.

The riders meeting will begin promptly at 9:30 am and the competition will start immediately following at 10:00 am.

If you plan on competing in the event, please register online at

You must be an active member to compete. Please follow the links on the menu to the left that say "Join USA Wakeboard" and "Online Registration."

Girls - Age 14 and under
Boys -Age 14 and under
Jr. Women - Age 15-18
Jr. Men - Age 15-18
Amateur Men - Age 19-29
Masters Men - Age 30 and up
Open Women - No age restriction
Open Men - No age restriction
Wakeskate - No age restriction
Obstacles Only - No age restriction

*There is a minimum of 3 riders required to open a division, therefore, dependent on the number of entrants received, some divisions may be merged together.


The competition will consist of a minimum of 2 runs (qualifications and finals) . One run will consist of two passes (laps) through the course, during which time riders may perform any tricks they choose in any order they wish. The run will begin after the 2nd corner on the cable and end at the 2nd kicker past the motor tower. Riders may use the kicker or perform an air trick to finish their run.

The number of riders in each heat is dependent on the total number of riders entered. A percentage of the riders from each heat will then go through to the finals. The Last Chance Qualification (LCQ) round may or may not be used within the competition, dependent on numbers.

Judging of the routine begins when the rider enters the wakeboard course and ends when the rider exits the wakeboard course, falls or completes the wildcard trick. Wild Card tricks are only allowed in the Finals. A Wild Card trick may be performed only if the rider successfully completes his second pass without a fall. After completion of the second pass the rider must continue back into the course to attempt the trick. Sliders, Kickers, or other obstacles may be used.

Riders are encouraged to perform a smooth flowing routine with a wide variety of tricks. Each trick should be executed as cleanly as possible and taken to its limit. If a rider falls but is able to recover then the rider may complete the run, however, the trick on which the rider fell will not be scored. Repetition of tricks in each round is NOT allowed, and will not be scored.

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