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Where in the world is the LF Trip Across America RV?

The Liquid Force Trip Across America RV has returned home from its relentless adventures. LF team manager Aaron Grace was astounded by her perseverance, “She just wouldn’t give up. She limped through the freezing cold with her head high. I’m glad to have her close by…we had some good times”. Finding a home suitable for such a legendary piece of wakeboard history was no easy task. The Carlsbad Lagoon, the official test center for LF and home to former RV Captain Josh Cantor will be the proper resting place. The site will host an official museum/memorial for the LF RV. You can visit for directions and tour times.

In another league…LF hits a homerun

The LF Encinitas office has joined forces in a fierce and highly competitive co-ed softball league. With no big wins under the belt, Coach Don Wallace has been working the LF team over time, “I don’t expect to win every game but they better believe their running laps if they lose…Actually, everyone is having a great time playing and we get to hang out as a team, so it’s a blast”. Be sure to join the LF Fan club and attend the games every Tues night, 7:30 p.m. at the Encinitas YMCA. You’ll see the Alliance Wake crew there supporting the cause and joining us in the after party.

Rain, snow, sleet, or sun the cable will run…Fools Fest is ready to rock.

The KC Watersports crew is wasting no time getting summer rolling. With plenty of events listed at it’s obvious you don’t want to miss the Fools Fest. Starting March 31st all levels of riding will showcase their cable riding and rail sliding talent. Wakeskaters will also be involved in the shred fest so don’t miss it. Also don’t forget to pack your paintball gun, no, not to shoot cable riders. They have a super fun paint ball facility, check it out at This place has it all!

Fred Hall-Del Mar Fairgrounds-An Event for Everyone

After watching how effortless and smooth Watson, Shane, Colin, and Henshaw rode, the spectators quickly began to acquire favorite riders. They fell in love with Kevin Henshaw, for good reason, as he pushed himself to win most of the events. Shane of course nose pressed the heck out of the box and the “Wakesports” A-Frame… Did you know he did it switch? He commented, “This is the most fun I’ve had at a contest in a while. What a great way to start out the season. We (the riders) plan on coming back next year”. Pro Tour announcer Jeff Barton fueled the excitement and entertained while the riders pushed each other to be creative. You can catch the footage on FUEL TV’s Weekly Update and can check out the article at Tyler Irwin of Wakeports Unlimited said, “This event is the beginning of something great in San Diego. I’m looking forward to seeing the relationship between Fred Hall, Carlsbad Lagoon and Liquid Force help grow the sports of wakeboarding and wakeskating”.

LF Films is on a roll!

Seems like we’re everywhere these days, doesn’t it? Well, we’re not stopping until we have taken over the world (or at least until our new video is released). Here’s a quick little teaser that’ll show you what the team’s been up to for the past year or so…

Also…Justin has been in Florida for the past week and it sounds like some serious action has gone down. The highlight of this week has been the monster rail that Watson, Tino, Shane, Henshaw and Collin built in the back of Watson’s yard. This thing is serious! Over 200 feet in length when you add up the pools and rails! Apparently everyone’s been having fun and many original lines have been found. Young Phillip is rumored to have been throwing down some serious stunts!

Look for updates on this trip, as well as teasers, etc… to be coming soon.

Aaron Reed’s invitational, ARETE, goes off! LF Team sessions the rail afterwards…
Congrats to Aaron for putting on one of the coolest wakeskate events to date, and congrats to our own Phillip Basino for taking the “Best Trick” title! Aaron and all of the crew at the Wakeboard Camp put in hundreds of hours of blood, sweat, and tears to create a pool-to-stair-to-lake gap for the best wakeskaters in the world to session. Look for plenty more footage and stories about this great event to appear in an upcoming issue of Alliance Wake, as well as on their website…

Watson and Shane hit the stu-stu-studio…BOOYAA!!!

The timing couldn’t be more perfect for these unique Watson and Shane boot ads to hit WakeBoarding Magazine and Alliance Wake Magazine. By the time you pick up the mags, without a doubt the most anticipated boots in wakeboard history have hit your local pro shop. Not every store will have the first run so act fast. Most people already have them on order and paid for so fight your way to the register…heck maybe even offer them a couple extra bucks…we know one things for sure… these boots are hot!

Speaking of mags… Congrats to WBM Cover Boy Phillip Soven!

That’s right… Phillip is the cover boy on WakeBoarding Mag’s 100th issue! It’s hard to believe, but this was Phillip’s first magazine cover ever! With a World Championship under his belt, we’re sure there are more to come in his future. Be sure to get one from your local newsstand, or by subscribing at There’s a cool article in which Phillip talks about his time growing up in wakeboarding, and what his plans are for the future! The article features Phillip and WBM’s first cover boy, Darrin Shapiro, another LF Family member!

Mike Ennen Shredding the NW Pow!

As most of us are gearing up for the summer, Mikey Ennen continues to shred the pow in the North West… check out the photo that Mikey sent us this week! He and his brother and some friends spent some time on sleds in the backcountry of Mt. Baker and were able to get the fresh tracks you see here. Mike hasn’t forgotten about wakeboarding, though, as he’s been riding the frigid waters in his new pair of Shane boots… Here’s what he emailed us today… “I rode the Shane boots yesterday, THEY WERE THE S*#T!!!!! Lately I have had to take two short sets so my feet could thaw out, but now with these on, my feet were the warmest part of my body. I can stay out as long as I want. Seriously they are the s*#t. I can ride any day of the year, with comfort.”

LF takes over Nor Cal Mud-Slide…

Mike, Shane, Melissa, and Silas were all in the middle of California this past weekend riding for the Visalia crowd. The event, hosted by Etco Marine was a great event that featured sliders, pools, and winches. The riders had a great time showcasing there skills in this up close and personal event… thanks to Rich, Todd and all those that made it happen.

Slide Show dates are official

The rail jam and/or double up format will be a show to remember. LF will be bringing Shane, Watson, Henshaw, Tino, Phillip, Mike, Ben, Amber, Melissa, Aaron, Danny, and the rest of the team to the following towns to show an up close look at what they can do on the water and on rails. Invited amateur riders will also get a chance to compete and become legends for the day at:

Carlsbad Lagoon… April 29th

KCW/Sitzmark… May 20th

(Lake Powell… June 9-11th… BROSTOCK)

Minneapolis, MN… June 16-17

Ambush, Atlanta, GA… June 24-25

Marine Products, SLC, UT… June 30-July 2

Active Watersports, Oregon City, OR… July 21-23

Copes, Rocklin, CA… Aug 18-20

Performance, Orlando, FL… Sept 2-3

Houston, TX… Sept 29th

As you can see, it’s going to be a great series! If you’re a local rider and want to find out how you can compete, be sure to check with your local shop that’s hosting a SLIDE SHOW. The Houston event will be the finals… all winners from the first 8 events will be flown to Houston to hang out with our team for the weekend and to compete for the US Slide Show championship (and their spot on our team and their own 2 page spread in the mags!).

Another fine Liquid Force event brought to you by…

Monster Energy Drink
Malibu Boats
Reef Shoes/Clothing
Spy Optics
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That’s it for now…More than you can handle is coming your way in next week’s edition of “The Truth”.

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