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Average Honkey Produtions Drops New Film
Average Honkey Productions, also known as A.H.P. has been working the underground of wakeboarding for 2 years and compiled it all the new film, “Insert Title Here.” The video hosts the big names and ones that you will need to know in the near future.

The video was made independently, no sponsors, no biases. Just the raw and styled riding. The film features almost entirely montages but also several rider exclusive sections.

The video is about style and just straight up sick riding with attitude. The video doesn’t have anything in it that isn’t legit. Nothing generic here, everything big and grabbed.

If you’re looking to get pumped before you ride or just mellow after a day on the boat, then you’ll really dig this video.

Filmed part in Florida , but the Connecticut super sessions is where the sickest riding goes down on a secluded 15 mile lake of butter where Shane Bonifay, Joey Arcisz, and Dave Burstiner kill it. You’ll wish your lake were like this.

Check the trailer and if you think its bomb, then check out the actual video and you’ll be mad stoked,

AHP’s film wont be in your board shops though, you can get it exclusively off the AHP website for only $20 and you definitely get your money’s worth.

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  • Average Honkey Website

    Featuring the Riding of:

    Shane Bonifay
    Phillip Soven
    Joey Arcisz
    Sean O’Brien
    Josh Palma
    Jonothan Nadolski
    Phillip Combs
    Dave Burstiner
    Adam Errington
    Scott Hopkins
    Danny Thollander
    Corey Miner
    Mike Brady
    And More…

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