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Liquid Force Truth For Early October
By Liquid Force

America’s favorite demo tour gives it all she’s got… The last hurrah for 2005!

The 2005 summer of TAA fun has finally come to an end. The latest captains log documents our fearless leader/captain Patrick Cerne as he joins forces with LF team riders Kevin Henshaw, Ben Greenwood, Gregg Necrason, Devin Rodgers and more to make a final push with the longest standing, most successful demo tour…The Trip Across America. The captain logged his adventures at for you to enjoy. This can also be found by going to and clicking on the TAA5 link. Reading about his exciting journey makes us want to hit the land “of lakes, good people, bad beer and…amazing cheeses”, as Patrick put it. Also included in the log are photos and a top secret warm up routine from aerobics guru Ben Greenwood. A warm, heart filled thanks goes out to Co-Captains Patrick Cerne and Jaret Brantley, as well as all of the TAA sponsors: Malibu Boats, Monster Energy Drink, Rip Curl, Reef, Spy Optics, Free Style, Kicker, Alliance Wake, Wakeboarding Magazine, Pro Wakeboard Tour, Surf Expo, and Lake Powell Resort. Special thanks to anyone and everyone who has helped, been a part of, or experienced the Trip Across America. Each and every one of you are the reason we do it year in and year out.

LF Films…There’s a mad-man on the loose

Justin is on full attack mode with the camera. Don’t be surprised if you see a flashing red camera light in the middle of the night. He stalked the LF team through their final leg of TAA and some how managed to sneak onto a plane to Australia. The guy doesn’t stop and that’s why we love him. We’re anxiously awaiting his return for a sneak peak of more mind boggling footage. Stay tuned, maybe we can talk him into sharing it with you.

From the non LF Films video/TV world…

Keith and Josh from Alliance Wake Multimedia just walked in to our Encinitas office. They’re filming interviews and behind the scene footage to bring you the Liquid Force lifestyle firsthand. Live the California dream by tuning in to Fuel and watching “Pull” all day every day.

Speaking of Pull…

Congrats to Kyle Walton for his section in the past weekend’s episode of “PULL”. The footage that was captured of him on the trip to Iowa was unreal. For those of you that watched it, you and the world all now know what we’ve known for a while… This kid has some serious talent and style. Look for him to be getting massive amounts of coverage in the upcoming years… he’s legit! The LF footage on PULL continues…This upcoming weekend’s show will feature LF rider Ben Greenwood on his European Vacation that he took this summer. The footage is supposed to be amazing… Ben is rumored to have stuck some tricks for the Alliance crew that he’s never done before… be sure to tune into Fuel at 8:30 this upcoming Sunday.

Summer lovin’ still havin’ some fun…Events that won’t quit

Hosted by California Watersports and Wakesports Unlimited the first annual Luau at Carlsbad Lagoon is sure to bring the Aloha spirit. Word on the street is the “Big Kahuna” Tyler Irwin will be sporting a grass skirt. As if that’s not enough, the day of fun in the California sun will consist of wakeboarding, horseshoes, basketball, and a luau dinner. Come on down and try out some LF boards, hang with the LF crew, and above all, relax in the sun. They’re burying and cooking a pig on the beach. Where do you buy a pig? For more details on this super fun event contact and call (760) 434-3089. Shaka Bra!

What do you get when you cross a parking lot with wakeskating cowboys? The Black-Top Brodeo of course. Our esteemed wakeskate team, as well as many of the industry’s top wakeskaters will hit the streets of Tampa, FL on Nov 2nd in the Czar-Bar parking lot. You have to see this unique event in person. Make it there by 12:00 PM. to see some solid crashes as the riders get their tricks dialed. Enjoy the pool to pool rail jam at 5:00 PM, while keeping the buzz going for the after party at Czar-Bar. Be sure to get plenty of sleep the night before, this Brodeo is going to rock your world. Get the full scoop at . If you’re unable to make it to the event, be sure to look for coverage of it in a future issue of WakeBoarding Magazine.

Australia will never be the same…

Grace, Soven, Loe, and Marquardt made it to Sydney yesterday… just in time for a 10hr layover before they head to Perth on their way to the Gravity Games… talk about a great place to stop. Amber Wing was somehow tricked into picking the three amigos and AG up at the airport and carting them around for the 10hr delay. We’re so proud of them, all that way and no police reports.

Liquid Force founders Tony Finn and Jimmy Redmon are leaving for Australia tomorrow, as are the rest of the LF crew of riders. Shane, Watson, Phillip, Tino, and others will be getting there just in time for the “Team Party/Rail Jam” hosted by Masterline Watersports and Team LF Australia. This event will be happening in conjunction with the WWA Worlds which will be happening outside of the US borders for the first time in WWA history. Justin Stephens and the LF Films crew will also be there to document the entire mischief. If you’re fortunate enough to have an invite to the party, or to be going to World’s, consider yourself lucky… it’s guaranteed to be a blast. For the rest of you, stay tuned for pictures and stories in future editions of the Truth.

Keep your eyes peeled for next week’s edition of “The Truth”…it’s guaranteed to please.

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