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Tige Introduces Revolutionary Ve Series for 2006
ABILENE, TEXAS – September 1, 2005 – The all-new for 2006 Tigé Vé Series is transforming the inboard industry. The ’06 Tigé 22Vé and 24Vé are the essence of style and substance with a sleek new design, superior inboard performance and a bold level of user versatility.

When designing the 22Vé and 24Vé, Tigé engineers considered customer and dealer feedback from previous years. The result is the most innovative boats in Tigé history.

“First and foremost, our objective when designing the new Vé Series was to optimize user function with every refinement,” remarked Danny Gutierrez, Tigé senior designer. “We also wanted a styling that’s recognizable and unique to Tigé to accompany the enhanced functionality. The early returns indicate that we nailed it.”

Both the Tigé 22Vé and 24Vé feature overall, consistent styling. Sleek lines flow from the spacious, deeper bow to the unique and functional walkover transom and activity center. Full-width seating positioned over the swim platform serves as a convenient prep area for skiers and wakeboarders as well as opens up the transom area for activities and just hanging out. The activity center also includes two storage compartments and a built-in cooler. The driver’s side walkover has been designed into the sun deck both for access to the activity center from the cockpit and for convenient entry to the boat from the dock. The walkover opens to access to a large storage compartment containing a removable 54-quart ice chest. The windshields on the Vé series boats have been elongated and feature an etched Tigé logo. Additional rub rail choices are also available.

The spacious 22Vé and 24Vé were born out of state-of-the art tooling and molds. The precision tooling results in a truer, absolutely symmetrical hull surface for a smooth, even running surface and balanced wakes. A deeper strut angle, new muffler system and better-insulated engine compartment make these boats exceptionally quiet. Both boats are also extremely dry, a result of the deeper and wider bow and the functional styling incorporated in the transom area.

Tigé’s customization options for customers expanded even more for the ’06 line. New gel coat designs and two additional color choices were added. Tigé designed four new graphics options to now give customers six selections. Tigé is also offering color, composite swim platforms with a thicker non-skid matted surface.

Because Tigé became one of the few inboard manufacturers who design and build its towers in-house in 2005, the Tigé tower is better-built, extremely rigid and functional. The ’06 Tigé tower visually blends with the styling of the 22Vé and 24Vé. Three new billeted tower uprights compliment the ’05 version and swivel board racks are now available.

Tigé engineered the Vé Series’ interior with “balance” as a goal. The engine compartment was compacted and the cockpit was redesigned to be larger, while still maintaining an extremely spacious bow area. Wider, plush seat cushions were constructed to highlight the enhanced interior. Dashes have been redesigned with an all new look. An additional dash color option was added as was a new polished steering wheel, and the helm angle was slightly altered to increase accessibility to the bow. Gull wing hatches were reshaped and redesigned. Three customer favorites from ’05 are now standard features: stainless steel cup holders, shark eye bow lights and Kicker® speakers.

Tigé now offers the most advanced and user friendly cruise control system in the industry. With Tigé Speed Set, drivers maintain a desired speed simply at the push of a button. The throttle-by-wire system now employed by Tigé on all of its GM Vortec engines made the development of Tigé Speed Set possible.

All ’06 Tigé models feature the patented ConvexV hull and TAPS2 technology. The Tigé ConvexV hull features a convex continuous-rocker design that, when paired with a moveable TAPS2 plate, allows the driver to conveniently and precisely tune the running attitude of the hull at the push of a button. Wake size and shape are controlled without the hassle of ballast or awkward drag hardware that can damage your boat, safety and performance are enhanced, and storage and passenger space is kept free and clear.

Tigé also offers the LifePlus Lifetime Replacement Warranty as a bold statement of faith in its product’s quality. This warranty is the only replacement warranty in the industry. If there is ever any structural failure, degradation or delamination for as long as an owner owns his boat, Tigé will replace the boat at no charge. And new for ’06 is a three year bow-to-stern warranty.

Tigé Boats Inc. is headquartered in Abilene, Texas, where it manufactures eight direct drive and sport V inboard models ranging from 20 to 24 feet in length. Tigé has more than 80 dealers in 10 countries and can be found at

2006 Tigé Vé Series Specifications

Length: 22 feet
Beam: 102 inches
Seating Capacity: 14
Weight: 3,982
Fuel: 38 gallons

24Vé Length: 24 feet
Seating Capacity: 16
Weight: 4,320
Fuel: 47 gallons

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