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Alliance Partners With Fuel For 13 Episode Show
Alliance Press Release

If you’ve ever watched action sports television programs like the X-Games or Gravity Games, you probably ask the same question we always do: When are they going to show the wakeboarding? Ask no more. Alliance Wakeboard and Alliance Visual Experiences are partnering with FUEL TV this fall to produce a season’s worth of 30-minute shows featuring wakeboarding and wakeskating only.

The 13-episode series, titled “Pull” by Alliance Wakeboard Magazine, debuts the first Sunday in September at 8:30 PM ET/PT on FUEL TV. Production has been underway all spring, and the staff of Alliance and A.V.E. are working feverishly to compile all the things you really want to see about the sports: the lifestyle, action and behind-the-scenes info, as well as interviews with the top athletes and trips around the world.

The production team is headed by former professional rider turned videographer Keith Kipp, and co-produced by Charles Bergquist, Chase Heavener and the rest of the Alliance staff: Bill McCaffray, Tony Smith, Matt Staker and Travis Dopp. The program will also feature the selected work of today’s top filmmakers, including Justin Stephens, Sean Kilgus and other major video producers in the industry.

If you don’t currently get FUEL TV in your area, now is a great time to log onto to find out how to subscribe to the channel. Let cable and satellite operators know you want it, because the program is going to be the most comprehensive video diary of wakeboarding to date.

Also, be sure to stay tuned to for show menus, dates and times. See you on the idiot box.

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