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Liquid Force Truth - July Updates
By Don Wallace

A lot has gone on since we last spoke… here are some of the highlights of what’s happened, and what’s coming up!

First and foremost…

Liquid Force Films is pleased to announce that ENCORE is now in stores!!!! Race down to your local shop and get this re-release of Relentless before it’s gone! Encore is a pumped-up, encore release of RELENTLESS. It's far from just a re-release, however. This is a two-disc set, with one DVD that is Encore, and another that is Relentless. It has tons of new segments and footage from trips and filming this spring, and literally hours of bonus footage. Many of the bonus segments are as cool as the movie! There is also a 60-page photo book included in the box. Check out the attached image of the box and packaging… pretty darn good for a retail of only $29.99.

Encore DVD

Highlights include:

  • 2 Disc set and 60 page photo book
  • New footage from team trips
  • “Encore” sections for Tino Santori, Amber Wing, and Phillip Basino
  • Projects Pool sessions
  • Hours of bonus footage
  • Relentless Re-cut
  • Team Interviews
  • Much… much… More!

In LF Team news:

The Team has been VERY busy. First it was the Lake Powell 2006 shoot. The trip was amazing, as usual! 30 friends working together for a week in the world’s most amazing lake… If you weren’t one of the 30 people there, you should be very jealous! It was a killer trip! With Justin and the LF Films crew of Tim and Shonka, you know some serious footage was captured on film… not to mention the INSANE photos that were taken by the world’s best… Josh Letchworth and Joey Meddock. Those guys are amazing. It has been a fun task searching through the 8000 slides that those two captured…. You will all definitely need to be on the lookout for the 06 LF Powell shots to be coming out in Alliance, WakeBoarding Mag, and the LF catalog very soon! WakeBoarding Magazine will be writing an article about the trip in one of their upcoming issues, and Alliance will be featuring the trip through their media avenues, as well.

The trip was the first time that the 2006 lineup had been in one place at one time… from the looks of things, 2006 is going to be a VERY good year for us here at LF, if we do say so, ourselves. Shane, Watson, Melissa, Phillip, and the rest of the crew definitely had some fun showing off their new gear to the paparazzi that was on hand. Stay tuned for more info on these 2006 products.

Also… stay tuned for images and stories about the slider session that went down in St. George, following the Powell trip… Justin and his crew in St. George spent some serious time building a step down rail for Shane, Mike, Melissa, Collin, Tino, Watson, and Schnoods to session. What was supposed to be a secret mission, ended up being a 2 day demo (including a night-time session that lasted until 1AM) in front of 100’s of St. George locals… definitely a fun session!

After Powell, it was on to world traveling for our team riders…

Shane, Collin Harrington, and Phillip Basino are currently in the midst of a journey to Europe. They’ll be in France until the 17th, hanging with the locals and tearing it up at the Nokia/Fise Slider Event. This event looks to be one of the coolest slider events ever! Check out the drawings of the site… looks sick! For more info, go to

After France, Shane and the guys will be headed to Germany, where they’ll be doing demos and slider sessions all over the country. They’ll mainly be hitting up the cable parks and being part of the German riding scene. They will be there from the 18th to the 20th and then will be heading to the UK to meet up with Ben Greenwood, who’s already there hanging with the Alliance UK crew. They’ll be in the UK for the local version of BoardStock and then will be staying a few extra days to do demos for the locals. They’ll be in the UK until July 26th… look for stories on all of their adventures to be in Alliance and showing up in future issues of “The Truth”.

Next week, Melissa Marquardt and Kevin Henshaw will be heading over to Japan, where they’ll be staying from the 21st until the 27th. They’ll be over there for the X-Trial Cup in Tokyo that is put on by the JWBA. Those guys are HUGE supporters of wakeboarding, and have been from day one… Melissa and Kevin are stoked to be heading over to hang out with the locals. After the event, they’ll be sticking around for a few days doing demos and checking out one of the new cable parks that seem to be popping up all over the place in Japan.

Benny G and Mike Ennen will be joining the list of world travelers this month, as well. They’ll both be heading to Austria from the 26th until August 1st, and then will be heading to Sweden until the 8th. In Austria, they’ll be attending and riding in the ONE Wakeboard Open, presented by NOKIA that’ll be held at one of the big cable parks (check out this trailer for highlights of last years event: View Trailer) This event was huge last year, and looks to be even bigger this year. In Sweden, they’ll be a part of the annual Mega Wake Event (see attached flyer) that is becoming a mainstay in the wakeboard event world. This event places the best of Sweden in a contest against the US riders that LF sends every year. So far it’s been a fun battle each year… good luck to Mike and Benny G! We’re hoping you bring home the title for us!

Tino Santori will also be traveling abroad this month. After spending some time in So-Cal with Mendes and the Trip Across America, he’ll be heading to Holland for the Planet Reef Tour. Check out for more info on this event or any of the other events they sponsor.

In website/product news:

If you haven’t checked out for a while, you should! New additions to the site include the “Designers Forum/Clinic DVD” that is on each page of products. For example, check out the Fish:

Click on the video link and watch and listen to Jimmy Redmon and Scott Crumrine explain the concepts behind each of their masterpieces. It’s a unique look at the products that we all ride and who designed them. Also new to our site, is the Maven section… it offers a new look at what our girls have been up to.

Also… in upcoming product releases…

Phillip Soven’s new PS3 board series will be releasing shortly… Not only will Phillip be ripping on his board, fellow team riders Mike Ennen and Kevin Henshaw are making it their board of choice, as well. If there riding at Lake Powell is any indication of the boards rip-ability, it’s a 10+! Check back soon for more info … it should be in shops by month’s end.

In washed-up, old guy news…

Team Manager, Aaron Grace, has just turned 30 today! Yep… he’s officially past his prime… no longer can he dream of re-living the life he once had as a pro-rider! To celebrate, he’s been spending his day at the Carlsbad Lagoon working the Trip Across America stop with the Wakesports crew. To personally wish AG a big 3-0 head down to the Lagoon today. Check out for directions.

Well… that’s it for now… check back soon for another edition of “The Truth”.

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