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Malibu's 2006 Wakesetter To Premier at Wakestock
WakeStock 2005 will feature the world debut of Malibu Boats' new 2006 "Wakesetter VLX" model, the world's most advanced wakeboarding boat. As the official towboat of Wakestock, Malibu, the world's leading wakeboarding boat builder, will carry on a tradition of introducing it's newest wakeboarding models at Wakestock, the world's leading wakeboarding event.

Malibu's 2006 "Wakesetter VLX" will be showcased in Wakestock's three professional WWA World Series events, including Pro Expression Session, Pro Railslide and Pro Wakeskating, as well as at the Wakestock Amateur Championship.

The new 2006 Malibu "Wakesetter VLX" is the same 21.5 ft size and hull shape as the 2005 model but will feature several new innovations at Wakestock including:

(1) The Power Wedge, the first hydraulically controlled hydrofoil designed to both enhance and fine tune the shape of the wake on the fly.

(2) Precision Pro Speed Control, Malibu's new throttle-integrated speed control system that guarantees consistent speed for every rider. A standard feature of the new Wakesetter VLX.

(3)The Illusion X Tower, Malibu's revolutionary swept forward tower designed for greater forward visibility and featuring a new quick pin "swing-away" system for fast breakdown.

(4) Integrated Ballast with new Graphical Dash Display, Malibu's 1,250 lb internal ballast system that now allows digital monitoring and fine-tuning of weight placement.

The "Wakesetter VLX" at Wakestock will feature Malibu's most powerful “VLX” engine option, a 400 h.p. "Hammerhead” with Malibu’s new “Z/F Marine V-Drive” transmission.

Malibu Boats are available exclusively in Ontario, Canada at Sun & Ski Marine. Check out the Sun & Ski Malibu display at Wakestock 2005 to see the best of Malibu’s wakeboarding and luxury boat models including the 2006 "Wakesetter LSV" or visit or for more info.

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