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The first of two, four-week series was a huge success at TSR. The weekly tournaments were created to provide a grass roots tournaments that a rider of any skill level could enter. The laid back atmosphere, without any pressure is what TSR credits for the growth. In the third year of our weekly showdowns, TSR saw the numbers of competitors rise in each of the four events held behind a MasterCraft X-Star on the TSR private boat lake. With the tournaments being held on a Thursday night, competitors were limited to 50 riders (pushed to 55 for the last one because of competitors that have traveled from great distances for the Junior Tri-X.) Spectators saw over 100 different riders through the 4 weeks and over 160 total rides. Tournament organizer, Blake Hess said, “It is the perfect low pressure event for local kids trying to find a sport that is right for them. Many of the riders competed in the showdowns after learning to this spring. The support from competitors, spectators and TSR staff was just incredible!”

TSR would like to congratulate the 5 overall series champions for the boat series. The beginner division came down to the 4th and final event. Forrest Hess, winner of the beginner series, took third in final event, which was just enough to move past Hunter Hildebrand who tied with Blake Wyatt for second, just a single point behind Forrest.

The intermediate division saw three riders battle it out for the top spot in all four tournaments. In the end Preston Henry took top honors over Travis Putnam and Tucker Jensen. Bubba Gainan, took forth after moving down from the advanced division by winning the only two events that he entered as an intermediate rider. The advanced division was easily won by Andrew Baker, the only rider to compete in all four events. He scored a possible 35 out of 40 points placing high in each of the events, also winning one of them. The pro division was won by none other than TSR’s own Tom Fooshee. Tom continues to place well at home events after winning the Cablestock event held in may. Competing in just 3 of the 4 event Gabe was able to surpass all other riders and finishing second.

Last but not least the wakeskate event was interesting and close. Joshua Steele finished well in the two events that he was able to make, coming all the way from the Houston area. However the series is four events and Jerry Lafferty and Teagan Gainan battled it out for the top overall spot. Teagan won the overall honors by mixing it up with technical tricks as well as some nice wake maneuvers. Look the for the bar to be higher in future events as Texas area wakeskaters are progressing faster and faster entering a whole new level of technical tricks.

TSR is excited for the second series which will take place on the cable lake every Thursday in July (July 7,14,21,28) The amount of Cable wakeboarders and wakeskaters has grown consistently over the 31/2 years the TSR cable has been open. There is definitely a need for friendly competition for riders to showcase the skills that they are rapidly learning. Just like the boat series there will be five divisions: Beg, Int, Adv, Pro, & Wakeskate. These tournaments will begin at 5pm and followed by a night session that lasts until midnight! Come compete or watch and be part of the atmosphere that has made TSR’s weekly showdowns famous.

TSR would like to thank the following: MasterCraft, Burger King, Liquid Force, No Fear, DaHui, Jet Pilot and Nissan. For more information please log onto

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