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Tige' 24V Wins Powerboat Award For Product Excellence

ABILENE, TX – In Tigé’s first trip to the Powerboat Performance Trials in over five years, the Tigé 24V received a 2005 Powerboat “Award for Product Excellence”. Specifically, the 24V received the award for “Outstanding Tow Boat Performance”.

The Tigé 24V was meticulously evaluated by Powerboat’s Performance Trials Test Team and staff in Parker, Ariz., in October. In its 29th year of performance trials, Powerboat evaluated the Tigé 24V’s status in many categories including: construction, workmanship, performance, watersports performance, handling, engineering, innovation and comfort.

Tigé has dramatically increased its presence in the inboard market over the past five years due to its patented ConvexV hull and TAPS2 technologies. The Tigé 24V’s “Award for Product Excellence” after Powerboat’s comprehensive assessment serves as a third-party affirmation of Tigé’s superior performance, unmatched multi-sport versatility and overbuilt quality.

The Powerboat test team was impressed with many aspects of the Tigé 24V as evidenced in the following excerpts from the June issue of Powerboat featuring the ’05 award winners.

“We expected the Tigé 24V to pump out big wakes, which grew substantially with a crowd on board and could be easily tailored to a rider’s needs with the TAPS2 system and ConvexV hull.”

“The most impressive aspect of the 24V undoubtedly was its handling. Tow boats are known for their sure-footed slicing and dicing ability, but the 24V was one sharp cut above.”

Tigé was honored along with other winners at Powerboat’s 29th annual Awards Celebration and Banquet on Friday, May 6, 2005, at the Ritz-Carlton resort hotel in Marina del Rey, Calif.

All of the ’05 Award for Product Excellence winners are featured in Powerboat Magazine’s “2005 Boats of the Year” June issue. The Tigé 24V’s performance report is highlighted in the February issue of Powerboat.

The Tigé 24V is the ultimate statement in luxury, family-friendly multi-sport versatility. It is the largest water sport-specific sport V in its class, but it delivers sportier handling and performance superior to many smaller inboards. The spacious, wide-open interior is plush, with the deepest freeboard of any other boat in its class. The multi-sport versatility of the 24V is astounding, from impressive slalom wakes to legendary wakeboarding wakes. The Tigé 24V is the boat preferred by some of the world’s best riders and wake surfers as well as large families and groups looking for roominess and phenomenal performance in a single luxurious package.

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