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Protest European Boardstock 2005

Toulouse had been welcoming national wakeboard events for more than three years but it had never had most of the bests boat and cable riders in Europe gathered around its lake. The idea of the Protest European Boardstock 2005 was to gather lots of riders and as many people as possible to make them discover wakeboarding. The first two days of the event were dedicated to contests whereas the last day was only booked for the public to test boards and to check pro riders demos the whole day long.

Liquid Force, New, Hyperlite and Double Up had come to make people test their 2005 boards.

It all started on Thursday with the training session that last all day. The riders were discovering the obstacles that had just been renewed by the cable crew of Sesquières. A huge fun box, two kickers, a slider and a smaller fun box were there for the pleasure of riders.

The fact that the cable is a left foot forward one announced a great contest too.
On Friday morning, the 52 riders were ready for qualifyings. It all started with the five heats of the Exceed Wakeskate jam Contest that had gathered 20 of the best riders in the world.

Dennis Knasiak is already stoking people with his huge flat tricks. Benjamin Cans and Guillaume Bastié keep riding the fun boxes as never (shuv-its in and out…). Bertrand Oustrières nearly landed a kickflip. It was a huge qualifying session, hard for judges to make their choice.

Pro Men qualifyings. Lots of riders had booked their entry to get the chance to share the € 2000 prize money. The runs are amaizing even though the cable is going the other way round. The French riders are getting high on kickers, the germans are showing the way to use the cable and the English are teaching style to the others. The judges have a hard work to do!

On Saturday, the big kicker has been set for the 27 riders qualifying runs. Two tricks, the best only counts. Only 10 riders remain and get the chance to share € 1000. Hardy Tunnissen gets high, stylish and technical with a Nuclear Tantrum, Laurent Peyrichou does the biggest whirly bird ever, Yann Calvez does a long Off Axis 540 for the public’s pleasure…

The tricks go on before starting the Exceed Wakeskate Jam Contest final. 6 riders have past through and they will have 20 minutes to convince the judges. Dennis Knasiak is using the obstacles a lot more and gets points for that. Benjamin Cans impresses everyone with 6 laps without falling, doing different tricks every time. Simply amaizing... Guillaume Bastié reaches the 3rd place with consistent runs.

Time has now come for the pro men final. 3000 people at least have gathered around the lake to check out the runs of some of the best rides in the world. The Germans and the English show they are the bests among the riders with huge tricks both on the flat and on the obstacles. Hardy Tunnissen beats Bernhard Hinterberger and Philip Kruppa comes 3rd and gets money too.

Sunday was more like a chill out day for the riders who had a huge party noone remembers on Saturday night. Por riders and beginners were together on the starting dock to mix demos and board tests. At 7.00 PM, hundreds of people had been able to test boards and meet their idols.

Long life to the European Boardstock, see you next year…

Kicker Contest Results
1) Yann Calvez (France) : € 500 for a Batwing to Blind and an Off Axis 540°
2) Hugo Charbit (France) : € 300 for a Whirly Bird and an Off Axis 540°
3) Hardy Tunnissen (Germany) : € 200 for a Tantrum Nuclear Grab and an Off Axis 540°

Pro Men Results
1) Hardy Tunnissen (Germany): 69.21 points, he wins € 1000
2) Bernhard Hinterberger (Germany): 63.16 points, he wins € 600
3) Philip Kruppa (Germany): 57.17 points, he wins € 400

4) Nick Davies (England): 56.06 points
5) Hugo Charbit (France): 54.28 points
6) Barry Stelfox (England): 52.79 points
7) Laurent Peyrichou (France): 51.79 points
8) John Tully (England): 39.52 points
9) Gaël Kholi (Switzerland): 33.08 points
10) Mathias Koban (Switzerland): 31.07 points

Wakeskate Results
1) Benjamin Cans (France): 17.49 points, he wins € 1000
2) Dennis Knasiak (Germany): 16.66 points, he wins € 600
3) Guillaume Bastié (France): 14.16 points, he wins € 400

4) Bertrand Oustrières (France): 5.42 points
5) Yann Calvez (France): 3.75 points
6) Kevin Calvez (France): 2.5 points

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