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Wakesurfing is the coolest thing since canned beverages. Boards designed for advanced slayshing and boards that are perfect for just about everything wakesurfing. Wakesurf boards are a common place on every boat these days. There is nothing like loading up the boat and taking a nice long wakesurf session before calling it a day on the water.

The Tsunami wakesurf board is the short board. Quite a bit shorter than the Ride wakesurfer, the Tsunami wakesurfer enables the pilot the freedom of spins and shoves at a much easier level. With a fast rocker line this short trick board is a must have for seasoned wakesurfers who are ready to rock. Both wakesurf boards come with three removable fiberglass fins at the tail and a one nose fin. This gives you the option of riding with a locked down feel or remove a couple fins and slide around easier to learn threes and shoves. The Tsunami wakesufer also has a shaped edge from tip to tail for bite into the wake, EVA tip protector, molded kick tail and, of course, the free instructional DVD with the pros showing you how it is done at nine miles an hour.

The Ride is the perfect do-everything wakesurf board. We designed the Ride wakesurfer with a few things in mind. First not many people have the luxury of monster wakes to session on their wakesurfer. The Ride wakesurfer was built with the fastest rocker line we have ever created making it slaysh with minimal drag. Many riders enjoy the ability to swing the surfer around and ride it backwards. For this purpose we placed a small fiberglass nose fin on the Ride. It gives the wakesurfer a sense of control while switching it up. With these features you have a board that works great on smaller wakes and also for the newbie's who desire that first rope free feel. The Ride wakesurfer also boasts a sharp rail down the full length of the board to bite into the wake and eliminate the washed out feel of a rolled edge. Toss in an EVA tip protector, molded kick tail, four fiberglass fins and a free instructional DVD and you have the best wakesurfer in the world.

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