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Cable Parks

Cable Parks are taking off everywhere! What started out as one man's dream to put every one on the water, is continuing to be a key tool in introducing water sports to the masses. Cable riding is providing a fast progression for wake driven sports. With the cable parks affordable rates and availability more and more people are trying it out. Not to mention there are endless possibilities when it comes to use of the cable. We are seeing this with the introduction of the System 2 cable that has been used in events like the Red Bull Wake Lab, and being offered at major cable parks. Many top pro riders in Wakeboarding have honed in their skills with cable riding. Cable parks have been around for quite some time now and it is only recently that people are beginning to give them the recognition they deserve.

As far as where to find these parks, one is not limited traveling over seas to find a cable parks like CamSur Watersports Complex in Camarines Sur Philippines, among other top notch parks. We have a healthy selection of parks in the United States. Some of these major parks are Texas Ski Ranch (TSR) located in New Braunfels Texas. TSR provides a complete experience for all skill levels of wakeboarders, from the cable lake that has an excellent selection of sliders or kickers, to the Rixen Little Bro that offers an easier learning curve for beginners. TSR is known throughout the cable community for their extremely talented riders and friendly staff. Throw in a mini ramp, full skate park, private tow lake, restaurant, rock climbing wall, pro shop and boat dealership and you have plenty of things to check out year round. Another great park is Orlando Watersports Complex (OWC) in Orlando Florida. OWC offers year round cable park fun and has two cable lakes as well as a private tow lake. One of the cable lakes is perfect for teaching beginners with its wide open water layout and the other is full of unique rails and boosting kickers. The tow lake is great for taking what tricks that are learned on cable and trying them behind a boat or just simply going out and taking a set with one of OWC's instructors. Backing this park is the legendary Performance pro shop that can take care of all rental needs at the park. If these parks aren't close enough, check out Wake Nation in Cincinnati Ohio, Kansas City Watersports (KWC) in Hillsdale Kansas, Mid America Wakesports in Guthrie Oklahoma, Beach Club in Pointe-Calumet Canada, Revolution in North Fort Meyers Florida, Ski Rixen USA in Deerfield Beach Florida and the list goes on.

Cable riding provides a challenging and fun environment for people of all ages and skill levels. There are instructors / cable operators that are available at the starting dock and can teach beginners as well as help out advanced riders. Plus, while waiting in line, riders can observe other people as they make their rounds on the water. The park itself provides a challenge with its kickers, sliders and other obstacles. Once riding is mastered, then these obstacles can ad a completely new level of excitement to go along with the boating experience. Prices for cable riding vary, but usually $40 will get an all day pass just about anywhere and equipment is available for rent. Get out and give cable parks a try.

Cable Park Videos

Red Bull WakeLab

CamSur Watersports Complex

Cable Wakeboards and Equipment

Many of the top wakeboard companies have created wakeboards for Cable riding. Every major wakeboard company has developed new board materials to give rail boards a longer lifespan. Hyperlite, Liquid Force, CWB, Slingshot, and Ronix. You will also need a helmet and a CGA life vest. All major cable parks require a CGA vest and helmet for all riders.

Portable Cable Systems
A Portable Cable Systems such as the Rixen Little Bro and the System 2 are some of the new innovations that cable riding has progressed to. With these systems the possibilities are endless. Portable systems are helping places such as The Projects, TSR and Redbull Wake Lab to offer a new kind of towing experience that can go virtually anywhere.

Cable Tricks and Tips
Here are some simple tips to try on first time getting up. Try to keep your arms and knees bent while also keeping the nose of your wakeboard up. The cable does not stop, so keeping your arms bent will allow your body to adjust to the pull of the cable and will also help keep the handle close. More importantly, when the cable begins to pull forward do not allow the toe edge and nose of the board to dip. It is easy to tell when this is happening, because usually you end up falling face first. This again is easy to correct. Just keep the front leg up. Also keep in mind, handle placement is important to riding the cable. It is easy to not have proper handle placement and this can result in loss of balance and falling. As long as the handle is near the hip, the body will stay balanced.

Next step, after getting up, is controlling the wakeboard. Once up and standing, begin edging or leaning over toe and heelside edge of the wakeboard. This allows movement and provides you with control. A common mishap is to finally get up and only be able to edge one way. Again focus on toe and heel edge control. One of the harder things to master is when you have to turn with the cable. There are buoys in the water marking the best place to be in a turn. Try to get in between those buoys and turn with the cable. This should allow for a smooth transition threw the turn.

Sliders- When approaching, make a steady edge toward the slider. Make sure not to back off before getting on the rail. Begin bending your knees and getting the handle into proper position.( Handle placement is personal preference) Try bringing the handle just out from your hips and centered to your body. This allows maximum control and provides balance. If you are getting on the slider on a counter clockwise cable system (which most cable parks are) and falling off the side opposite of the cable; then you are probably edging to hard at the slider. On the flip side of that, if you are falling off the slider on the cable side; it is because the cable is pulling you off due to the fact that you are letting off your edge.

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